Ananda Day Cavalli



Ananda Day Cavalli is a working artist, mom and yoga teacher who resides in Santa Cruz, Ca . She taught at Parsons the New School for Design for the Art, Media, Design and Technology department for many years.

Artist Statement

In my current work I am creating photographic composites by interweaving twenty-nine frames caught by video head-cam while I whirl like a dervish. Alluding to trauma, mourning, and healing, my pieces negotiate the moments and processes in life which are difficult yet transformative. Twenty-nine was chosen for every year I knew my mother.

I first started this body of work with 29 Sits, a self-portrait I created by appropriating the twenty-nine photos taken by Marco Anelli, one for each time I sat with Marina Abramović during The Artist is Present, her 2010, MOMA exhibition. For the duration of her exhibit, I vowed to sit with the artist twenty-nine times. With 5-8 hour lines, charging visitors and the overwhelming emotions that came with each sit, my commitment proved more challenging than I had first anticipated. Every action I took during those months towards sitting, from brushing my teeth, to running up the stairs in order to grab a precious place in line, was an important aspect of the ceremony. On my last sit I wore all gold. When my sit was over and I walked into the bustling roar of the MOMA, I knew I could make art again. From this experience came my newest series, where instances of physical movement collapse into single shimmering moments.

For my newest addition to the series, The Trees, the Sky and the Clouds, I created a large-scale photographic sculpture, in which repeated images of a tunnel of trees and a vibrant blue sky are printed on poly-chiffon and delicately hung from invisible lines that traverse the gallery space. Visible from both sides, viewers are invited to circumvent the photographic sculpture, allowing the fabric to sway with them.


BA Art and Moden Literature



Parsons the New School for Design, New York


  • Fine Art
  • Portfolio Development